New Record in the Works by CJ!

So, I’ve been busy since I flew home from Denver in May 2019. Recorded some decent tracks but I am still working on fleshing out the rest of the album, which has the working title “CJ – The Album”. It is subject to change but will be available through streaming channels such as YouTube and Spotify soon.

My goal with this album is to create a CD with roughly one hour and ten minutes making it easier to turn the CD of 70 minutes over to a Dual-Record Vinyl LP set. I’m constructing the album so that Side A and Side B of Record 1 is a cohesive stand alone album as well as the second LP Album; while at the same time making sure that the running order of the entire thing stands up to the criticism of album rock aficionados.

My goal also is to make sure that the audiophile quality is up to scratch. I’ve been recording with a Mac Mini and using a near-field condenser microphone. The entire system is plugged into a Furman Power Conditioner/Surge protector which attenuates out RF and EM interference

Studio Building…

So in order to achieve the best sound possible I use a MacBook and although it is from mid-2010 it still runs Mac OS Mojave and also the latest version of Garageband for the time being…

I have used Garageband for a very long time and the quality that I get from it is great by all accounts, save for a couple issues, which I remedied today thanks to

Today I made four purchases to add to my guitar Stoney V, which I plug in to my MacBook using an iRig 2 by IK Multimedia (it’s just an adapter that lets me plug in a guitar to my MacBook to record). First I bought a microphone which is a condenser microphone that plugs directly into my MacBook via a USB connector. It also comes with a pop filter and is situated with a cradle/nest for the microphone on the end of a scissor style boom that attaches to a desk with a clamp.

Second, I bought a midi keyboard controller that has 32 keys, comes with modulation and pitch wheels; has octave keys, transpose keys, and volume slider with velocity sensitive keys. It also plugs in and is powered by USB.

Third, I was in need of some studio headphones with a closed-back, over-ear design, which I find eliminates most feedback from the mix while recording.

Lastly, and most importantly for the whole process, I have struggeled with background noise on the electrical line and have understood that the best way of preventing this issue is to use a power conditioner. This has a surge protector build in and blocks both interference from electromagnetic sources as well as other frequencies like radio and static. That’s my understanding at least and if not then I just purchased a $34.00 power strip with a surge protector at least…

One last thing, I got some software too.

The first bit of software that I bought to compliment the studio rig I have going is “Midi Guitar for Garageband”. This long titled program allows me to play guitar and it will record it to Garageband as a virtual instrument. Now this will be mainly used to perform bass parts as if I was playing it on a bass guitar but instead I’m on an electric 6-string guitar.

The second bit of software I am using “Songwriter’s Companion” along with an app called “Tuck”. “Songwriter’s Companion” is exactly that: A tool to help with songwrting… it has a built in dictionary and rhyming dictionary. You can also write lyrics and record the sections or the whole tracks that go with the lyrics so you will know how it goes otherwise. It allows you to add chords too and notes about the song too… “Tuck” allows you to dock and hide any window to any of the four edges of the screen and when you mouse over the edge, the window you set up for that edge will slide out for you to use until you move your mouse away from the window, in which case it will ‘tuck’ back away to the edge of the screen.

Anyway there’s another app but I’ll leave that for the next time.

Midnight Jam

SPEKTRUM Creations released the first official full-length music album on June 22nd of 2018 and is NOW AVAILABLE!!!.  This debut album features the music of Christopher Johnson and Eric Boyce and has been entirely produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Johnson.  You can download it now from our Shop…

This album represents 25 years of work by Christopher Johnson to prepare these songs for this release of what might be considered the ‘greatest hits‘ album, featuring previously unreleased material.

Midnight JamBy Christopher Johnson contains 18 songs, all recorded over the past 20 years, with the earliest recorded track being “Cold Rain And Snow” which was recorded in 1998.  

The tracks are available for your enjoyment to download and/or stream from these links as well as others…

iTunesApple MusicYouTube MusicSpotifyAmazon Music

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The Neck Illusions graphic guitar fretboard protector featuring the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept developed by Christopher Johnson. Identify your guitar fretboard by this simple system where you synaesthetically cross color with notes and by identifying the notes while in standard tuning, you know the notes by this system.

Learn your fretboard with the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept teaching method.  A great way to master your knowledge of the fretboard by using the colors to identify the notes, with this simple concept where ABCDEFG are always the same and as long as you’re in standard tuning( EADGBE ), you’re good to go.

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Not only is now online, but this personal branch of the website will be integrated with Patreon, allowing me, Christopher Johnson to provide all kinds of additional content to fans by using to facilitate the membership to exclusive weekly/daily broadcasts on, as well as other content such as recordings, full recording sessions in Garageband format, pictures and other info not available to non-patrons. The more fans who become patrons, the more I will be encouraged to produce new and inventive material to share my creativity with you.

Hey, oh!

Years ago, I worked independently on developing an XML style language that would be a streamlined version of HTML (in 2005, it was still HTML 4, with Javascript and CSS, it was called DHTML). The goal was to incorporate artificial intelligence elements into an HTML style structure so that the XML could be extensible in a way that would allow for the use of other languages (php, python, javascript, Csharp, perl, etc…).

However, that was years ago and since then HTML5 is the ubiquitous language of the web. So, what will be used for?

First off, is an off-shoot of, as mentioned above, but it will be the space for the artist, Christopher Johnson, to distribute works and interact with fans. While there will be some adjustments made as we progress there is no foreseeable sign that my goals to make music will not continue as it has since the Fall of 1992.

I started this website for the purposes of branching my creative content away from the parent site: The purpose of this site will be to contain my material that will be directly accessible through a five letter domain name,

Things to expect through this site: streams, both live and recorded (both audio and video at times); out-takes and unreleased demo material; special video content, photos, writings of the creative nature as well as possibly philosophic text revolving around spirituality and the nature of being. I will be focusing my energy on productivity and have joined Patreon. is the link to my page there. Please consider becoming a patron by pledging a monthly amount that will be used to enable me to continue making great content for you.

By becoming a patron, you will be directly in the loop with all the happenings of Christopher Johnson and will have access to special content that’s not available to non-patrons.

Thank you for taking the time to share my interest in music and do hope, as always that you will…