“What I Do” and others…

In this episode of the SPKML Podcast, Christopher Johnson goes over several songs from his catalogue of material, including three songs from his album “The Flight” as well as a couple other songs… There’s an interesting cover of Billy Joel’s
“Piano Man” too.

fire on the mountain

A recording by Christopher Johnson of the Grateful Dead song “fire on the mountain”.

Goodbye, Kenny Rogers…

A brief tribute to the legend, Kenny Rogers… With Christopher Johnson and Jason Buice.

Jason Buice visits the SPKML Podcast

Singer-Songwriter Jason Buice joins Christopher Johnson on this special edition of the SPKML Podcast.

“About What’s To Come”

Written in 1993, “About What’s To Come” was one of Christopher Johnson’s early songs. Check out these three versions of the song with a couple of surprises!!! Enjoy!

The Pink Floyd Tribute Special

A special treat for those of you who have been listening to the SPKML Podcast. This is a set with songs covered by Christopher Johnson of songs by Pink Floyd. Enjoy!

Episode 4: “Ooh Girl, I Need You”

Episode 4 of Season 1 of the SPKML Podcast w/ host Christopher Johnson.

“Always Reminds (Me)” – Ep.3s1

This third episode of the SPKML Podcast from SPKML.com is about the song “Always Reminds” from the “Midnight Jam” release by Christopher Johnson. It was co-written by Christopher Johnson and Eric Boyce. Enjoy! CJ

Episode 2: “Cold Rain And Snow”

This track was written by Eric Boyce and Christopher Johnson. Written in 1993 perhaps…

The SPKML Podcast is ONLINE!

Today I launched a new podcast with the title, “SPKML” which can be found at https://spkml.com/podcast   (or just go to this site and use the ‘Podcast’ link in the menu).

This first episode is kind of long, celebrating 6 different versions of the first song I wrote back in 1992/1993, “The Night”.