“Always Reminds (Me)” – Ep.3s1

This third episode of the SPKML Podcast from SPKML.com is about the song “Always Reminds” from the “Midnight Jam” release by Christopher Johnson. It was co-written by Christopher Johnson and Eric Boyce. Enjoy! CJ

Episode 2: “Cold Rain And Snow”

This track was written by Eric Boyce and Christopher Johnson. Written in 1993 perhaps…

The SPKML Podcast is ONLINE!

Today I launched a new podcast with the title, “SPKML” which can be found at https://spkml.com/podcast   (or just go to this site and use the ‘Podcast’ link in the menu).

This first episode is kind of long, celebrating 6 different versions of the first song I wrote back in 1992/1993, “The Night”.  



My First Song: “The Night”

This is the first episode of season 1 of my podcast for SPKML.com… I hope you enjoy it! The topic of this pilot episode is my first song, “The Night”, written in 1992/1993.

Hanging out in Colorado!

I get to play this guitar while in Colorado, which belongs to my uncle now…

“The Flight” has landed!

“The Flight” by Christopher Johnson is OUT!!! Buy the CD!!!

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CDs, LPs and USBs… Oh my!

Currently, I have one CD available on Amazon.com and another soon to be joining it(see the music page). It seems that streaming is nice but a CD is a physical product that people still want and If I want to get into that can of worms then Vinyl Records are even more desirable. Now with that recognized, I’ve come to decide that a USB drive would be a good way of distributing a personally curated collection of most of my material, including files other than music, such as my screenplays, book files, etc…

This is bat country…

Duke and Dr. Gonzo?

Here is a PDF of my entire catalog of original work which includes mostly original songs but also some covers of classic songs mostly…