The SPKML Podcast is ONLINE!

Today I launched a new podcast with the title, “SPKML” which can be found at   (or just go to this site and use the ‘Podcast’ link in the menu).

This first episode is kind of long, celebrating 6 different versions of the first song I wrote back in 1992/1993, “The Night”.  



Hanging out in Colorado!

I get to play this guitar while in Colorado, which belongs to my uncle now…

CDs, LPs and USBs… Oh my!

Currently, I have one CD available on and another soon to be joining it(see the music page). It seems that streaming is nice but a CD is a physical product that people still want and If I want to get into that can of worms then Vinyl Records are even more desirable. Now with that recognized, I’ve come to decide that a USB drive would be a good way of distributing a personally curated collection of most of my material, including files other than music, such as my screenplays, book files, etc…