My Guitars

Although omniscient presence of mind and being is a goal, I find a more practical use of my ‘time’ to hinge around playing with guitars named “Stoney”

Stoney Kingston Buckthorne was bequeethed unto me by Calvin, the owner of store called The Music Stand. I brought the Lotus L-80 model acoustic dreadnaught home and was given the name ‘Stoney’. I was in love with the very nice sounds that It had… It sang and especially with the brand new set of strings… That was 1992. So, 28 years later, I still play the acoustic guitar originally named, “Stoney”

In 1993, Don McLean signed my guitar, Stoney. To this day, although worn after 27 years, the signature remains…

Besides being signed by Don McLean (songwriter of “American Pie”), this guitar was also signed by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, on behalf of their father, Rick (Ricky) Nelson.  They signed it “Mr. Dolphin” after the song written by their father and the Stone Canyon Band.

This is what the soundboard of Stoney looks like after 28 years of playing.

As of this writing, the original guitar, “Stoney” has been retired after 28 years of service. I may set it up as a slide guitar in the future but for now, I only have plans to display this guitar as a show piece.

So after building Stoney V, I decided to retire the original Stoney acoustic guitar and have since replaced it with a rather nice guitar: a Fender CD60 acoustic dreadnaught (seen below), which came with a hard-shell case. I’m not sure if it will last as long as Stoney. However, I have enjoyed the sound that this guitar produces. It has mahogany back, sides and neck with a single piece spruce top and rosewood fingerboard… Love this guitar’s tone!!!

There have been many guitars and stringed instruments, and other instruments for that matter but, Stoney will always be my first real guitar. Thanks for the memories, S.K.B.