Hey, oh!

Years ago, I worked independently on developing an XML style language that would be a streamlined version of HTML (in 2005, it was still HTML 4, with Javascript and CSS, it was called DHTML). The goal was to incorporate artificial intelligence elements into an HTML style structure so that the XML could be extensible in a way that would allow for the use of other languages (php, python, javascript, Csharp, perl, etc…).

However, that was years ago and since then HTML5 is the ubiquitous language of the web. So, what will SPKML.com be used for?

First off, SPKML.com is an off-shoot of SPEKTRUMCreations.com, as mentioned above, but it will be the space for the artist, Christopher Johnson, to distribute works and interact with fans. While there will be some adjustments made as we progress there is no foreseeable sign that my goals to make music will not continue as it has since the Fall of 1992.

I started this website for the purposes of branching my creative content away from the parent site: SPEKTRUMCreations.com. The purpose of this site will be to contain my material that will be directly accessible through a five letter domain name, SPKML.com.

Things to expect through this site: streams, both live and recorded (both audio and video at times); out-takes and unreleased demo material; special video content, photos, writings of the creative nature as well as possibly philosophic text revolving around spirituality and the nature of being. I will be focusing my energy on productivity and have joined Patreon.

Patreon.com/SPKML is the link to my page there. Please consider becoming a patron by pledging a monthly amount that will be used to enable me to continue making great content for you.

By becoming a patron, you will be directly in the loop with all the happenings of Christopher Johnson and will have access to special content that’s not available to non-patrons.

Thank you for taking the time to share my interest in music and do hope, as always that you will…


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