How About You

This is a song I wrote and recorded, probably off the cuff in 1998 around the springtime before my birthday. It was recorded originally on a Tascam Porta 02 MKII (I think it was blue-ish?). I didn’t remember recording it and it was lost on one of my tapes until it surfaced late summer of 2018… As always, Enjoy!

Welcome 2019!!!

I just repaired my original Lotus Guitar that is now 27 year old! I’d abused it and played it so much over twenty five years that for the twenty sixth year of it’s life it was dead. I had no bridge. I pulled it off completely hoping to repair it which has finally happenened. This is a sample of the guitar with just a vocal and the guitar recorded on my MacBook using Garageband… I will put a second track which has drums and an electric guitar track as well… Not sure what the song is called so Enjoy!

Introducing: Stoney V

Stoney V, is the 5th iteration of the my guitar named “Stoney”.  The first guitar I played for many years was named Stoney and it was not too bad of an acoustic guitar (below).  I’ve owned many guitars and few were lucky enough to be dubbed “Stoney”


Stoney II was a guitar I built from parts I found at a pawn shop.  It was an explorer style body with some kind of neck that had an odd Fender-ish quality to it.  I spray painted the body and it was probably not intonated very well.  Intonation?  What’s that?  Exactly!

But there was a long while where I didn’t have any guitar but Stoney I.  Stoney III was not to come about until 2017 and shortly after Stoney IV, which were an Ernie Ball OLP MM1 and an Epiphone Les Paul Express.  I have I, III, IV and now V…   II is lost to the pawn shop gods… and offering to appease them so that they may grant me great tone…

Below are two pictures…  The first is of Stoney III and IV.  The second picture is Stoney V.


The guitar kit that I purchased was from and all the parts were also purchased there.  Here is a link to the finished neck and body that I purchased as the foundation for Stoney V…  


Here is a sound sample of Stoney V…