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That’s right this offer begins as of today Monday, March 15, 2021 and extends through Saturday, March 20, 2021 (until 11:59 PM) includes every album available, and that also does includes the entire catalog package, All of which are available through Christopher Johnson’s bandcamp.com page. For the entire catalog package available through band camp it’s only $20 at 50% off. So head to the following website https://spkml.bandcamp.com to purchase any or all of the currently available albums for Christopher Johnson until this coming Saturday for 50% off. Slap down an Andrew Jackson and get all the albums available by Christopher Johnson

To get the 50% off discount use the following coupon code- spkml50off


*Note: (And this currently excludes the recovered treasures volume three album, which you can currently find on all streaming media platforms generally. However it does make available “The Flight” which is the most current available full album by Christopher Johnson and also includes the album “the rest” (not available on streaming media) and is the only place that it is currently available for sale on both counts for “the flight” and “the rest” The only exception to that is that in the official digital download shop here on spkml.com/shop which has just opened, there is only currently one album, “the rest”) and it is available for sale at regular price.

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Christopher Johnson hosts this episode of the podcast found at https://anchor.fm/SPKML.cj — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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  3. Supplimentary Episode – EJAF.org Fundraiser 100% donated from sales tonight only!!!
  4. Episode four of season two of the SPKML podcast with your host Christopher Johnson. (re-upped)
  5. Season four episode four of the podcast called SPKML
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Join SCDN github.com/spektrum-creations

Two new project repositories have been established and more on the way at github.com/spektrum-creations. further down the page in this post I’ve also posted a link to my Apple Music station, Christopher Johnson station which plays a great assortment of music that I mostly have grown up with an even play some tracks that our new that I find to be extremely Enjoyable and fit within the context in an almost freaky way. Check it out in the link below. Developers can keep reading The technical details described within this post however a lot of people might find this post to be boring. For that I have to say I’m sorry and get used to it in the future as you’ll see with the creation of the organization, SCDN Initially located at the link above.

The above is an icon image that I cropped for use on my Apple station, that I created recently as an icon. I borrowed the icon elements from an icon website (Which I typically notice and only acquire fairly licensed and non-commercial free-to-use images for use on this website or they are created if not at least composited and modified to display the intention of it being an original composition And in this case even the use of well-known Apple icon elements is intended to convey through iconography what each file type or file icon is meant to signify and represent regarding the contents of said file by icon alone without Additional wording in the file name more extensions ) and I hope that it It’s OK actually under the circumstances for me to post this considering the open source nature of the software development portion of this site which also but attempts to keep it seperately From content that promotes My clearly commercial music sales of original music through Streaming media sites as well as retailers… with that said, check out the store on this website, and please let me know if it doesn’t work for you because I think it does but I’m not sure I have an actually tested it yet so please use the contact form if you have trouble placing an order. Also before we get into some technical details, keep an eye out for coupons in sales in the near future for merchandise. Please contact me if you think the pricing needs to be adjusted to a lower or higher price point for any particular items and please contact me if you would like to purchase some thing again and you find it unreasonable Price for that item. I’m still negotiating with appropriate pricing on this site.

The projects I released as open source is a project group that is starting off with a prototype of a file type that could potentially very well change in a different direction is the LPA-webApp and actually although it requires in the prototype that we use a web app to contain audio form have a trance coated M4B audiobook file to create a high quality MP3 file with the same Chapter markers to separate out each song as an indexed track list That is searchable and perhaps at some point will allow for shuffling of the different tracks. This file type development will continue to grow & relies heavily on the ability to modify or create an audio codec It’s the specifications defined within the project as goals. The first most important goal of the project at github.com/spektrum-creations/LPA-webApp is to create this to be a file-type usable as a standalone and readable file type which is intended to be fully encapsulated and bundled as a package yet Enabled to be accessible in there for usable by other programs. By using a similar packaging scheme idea to the Apple bundles where you can view contents of the package by right clicking on the icon at the parent level, being based on a recursive folder directory that is relatively uncompressed if at all, but contains all the files: This specifically laid out file format will launch An interface defined by an HTML document. The using a new format of DRM that is designed to be way more permissible & portable for the end-user or music-consumer Will have to be developed and will enable the removal of some of the restrictions that we’ve dealt with from previous digital rights management schemes. Directions to go in an alternative design would include Additional meta-tag data containers within an MP3 like yet uncompressed file type Using a Kodak that defines a very high Baseline for and compressed file specifications as the standard for distribution, replacing the current 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo audio standard typically in PCM wave format. Although this is still Perhaps in his brainstorming on this point, the development and creation of this file may in fact use current and widespread formats or a format that contains has mentioned and HTML or as it were a SPKML/LPA definition standard Complete with custom user interface and player embedded within such an audio file. With an ability to modify existing formats or just begin with the creation of a new udio file-type as a audio media file containing embeddable content sections like the concept of the id3v2 meta tagging abilities included in MP3 files currently. This approach would require the ability to either include such aforementioned bundled document type such as an HTML or eventually upon it’s stable release, an SPKML document containing the LPA contents.

So the two options for development paths of the LPA file type start with one a media file that is audio only mainly in most cases, although specific standard quality to high-quality video maybe permissive so long as it is separate from the media content within the audio track meaning that neither of the video nor the audio can play simultaneously and that that video is only played from within the file structure without synchronous audio being played from the same file. Furthermore the second option would be to go towards an open system bundle format similar to that used by Apple In its OS app bundles, Script bundles, content bundles and framework bundles etc. This is initially my first choice for file containment so as to keep get uncompiled and retain resources within that file separately utilizing a file folder basedvstructure with Accessibility to the root directory And when you click the icon of the parent folderWhich is compiled or at least encapsulated as an self contained file bundle or ‘executable’ as a Desktop/home-screen Shortcut/app which then runs upon lunch an interface that is built with the HTML/SPKML embedded within named with the established protocol of the web directory as initially index.HTML with a move to utilization of the file called index.SPKML upon stable release of the SPKML Language project hosted Under the spektrum-creations user profile name,again on github.com

github.com/spkml Is responsible for creating The spectrum-creations organization/user group on the same website And there will be Website that appears promoting the spectrum Creations development network to host project documentation outside of the pages mentioned on github.com And will eventually possibly even create alternative if not public then private Repositories at some subdirectory location within spectrumcreations.com website or through spkml.com. currently there is a TiddlyWiki page Prepared for use at http://scdn.spektrumcreations.com And will be soon designed to utilize for the purposes of sharing information related to this development group with the focus being Initially to create software projects and moving forward possibly adopting additional purposes and goals such as artist development under the umbrella of the SPEKTRUM Creations organization.

For now, I will post this link to Apple Music where are you will find the Christopher Johnson station hosted there which plays an amazingly accurate representation a a broad cross-section of music that I enjoy listening to on a regular basis. It has become my go to when it comes to listening to random music that I enjoy listening to instead of curating playlists with purposes I find that I am inspired I seemingly intelligent arrangement of music that I relate to and enjoy and have for years especially considering that it includes newer music at times.

I also want to personally thank Spotify For hosting my podcast, the SPKML podcastLink to Christopher Johnson station on Apple Music I would like to thank about them and The folks at Apple Inc., The Google and their YouTube property as well as SoundCloud for their assistance and help in making it possible for me to be allowed to publish my Christmas special specifically Considering that it did undergo review before being allowed to be posted on Christmas day. So thank you can I look forward to working specifically with people/developers from these and other companies as we move forward on this and future projects.

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Sharing my holiday wishes, hopes and dreams with you all…

Merry Christmas day!!! I worked with extra efforts to create this episode of the SPKML Podcast as a unique gift to those who have inspired and supported my musical journey, which has been mainly the source of what has enabled and encouraged me to over-come great obstacles and see them as challenging opprotumities for growth by recognizing the need to maintain a mostly consistent need to nurture within myself, an ongoing sense of hope for the future, while striving towards dreams that are hoped to be or will become a win-win or at least have benefit to others… It has spurred me on to embrace an inspired sense and to have an innate personal drive to have the audacity to share these ideas and feelings that have inspired me to this point and beyond; hoping you all continuue to have or have had a great Christmas/Holiday! Wishing everybody the best and I will see you on next week’s episode of the SPKML Podcast the New Year’s eve special where I will re-release my album from 2019, “The Flight” and perhaps be able to share a surprise or two.

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Remembering EVH

I only found out about the passing of Eddie Van Halen a week ago. I was completely shocked to find out that it has been two months since he died. I decided to record a podcast in remembrance of the man who’s playing of the guitar inspired me to pick up the guitar and pursue music. It was Van Halen who gave me a desire to play guitar and I can never thank him enough for this gift. I also can never thank him personally now and that makes me sad.
OR the episode’s long url = open.spotify.com/episode/0yrIvUBweXfSod4QMNFfsb

Big news coming your way!

We just finished our latest podcast episode from season three episode one and we have some very big news. Here’s the link to join the LPA-WebApp repository at the URL github.com/spektrum-creations which was mentioned in this podcast episode – stay tuned for more to come!

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Jason Buice Review on thepitchkc.com

Jason Buice, “triptek” 

With “triptek,” Lawrence singer/songwriter Jason Buice crafted something which is a far cry from last summer’s debut EP, Both Sides, in that this song—”conceived and written in the summer of 2020 in response to long hours in quarantine”—is a brilliantly-conceived five-part suite running the gamut from synthy atmospherics to instrumental prog.


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Welcome To Jason Buice!

SPEKTRUM Creations wishes to extend a warm welcome to Jason Buice, or as we call him, JB, to the team. With his hard work over the last many months, his prepration of the 5-part Single, Triptek is now out and available through jasonbuicemusic.bandcamp.com as well as through most major streaming media channels such as Spotify and Apple Music. In addition, a webApp ( http://jb.spektrumcreations.com/ )has been created to celebrate this milestone in recording history; Jason in his own words has said, and I paraphrase, “Were it not for the inspiration of Christopher to take advantage of the technology in available on the iPhone with Garageband at front and center, Triptek may not have been possible.”

More the trenches soon. and be looking for some big announcements within a couple weeks from this post. Peace!

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Back in Kansas City!

Just flew back from Denver, Colorado today. Feel very well rested after my three week trip. Refocused, I am working with Jason Buice on his latest EP and we will be releasing his EP through BandCamp.com and we will be introducing a customized subdomain for Jason to advertise as an artist of SPEKTRUM Creations… The subdomain will be attached to the spkml.com domain… details to come. please check back.

The EP written and performed by Jason Buice will be produced and mastered by Christopher Johnson. Although I will be finalizing and mastering the EP in Logic Pro X on my Mac Mini based studio, the songs in this set of recordings have mostly been recorded in Garageband on Jason’s iPhone.

Will a little over a month to prepare for this release, we plan on several studio sessions at my home studio to keep us from getting lost in a quagmire of duplicate files and gobbs of back and forth messages.

Anyway, both Jason Buice and I are very excited to be working on this project, which will be released on Oct. 31, 2020… Please follow, like, subscribe and share with your friends and keep coming back!

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