Welcome To Jason Buice!

SPEKTRUM Creations wishes to extend a warm welcome to Jason Buice, or as we call him, JB, to the team. With his hard work over the last many months, his prepration of the 5-part Single, Triptek is now out and available through jasonbuicemusic.bandcamp.com as well as through most major streaming media channels such as Spotify and Apple Music. In addition, a webApp ( http://jb.spektrumcreations.com/ )has been created to celebrate this milestone in recording history; Jason in his own words has said, and I paraphrase, “Were it not for the inspiration of Christopher to take advantage of the technology in available on the iPhone with Garageband at front and center, Triptek may not have been possible.”

More the trenches soon. and be looking for some big announcements within a couple weeks from this post. Peace!

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