What's Happening?!?!

Well I, Christopher Johnson have been up to some new things and some of the same stuff as well.  I’ve been working on new music, as always and have been really pushing GarageBand for iOS to the limits.  I’ve even released a single called, “Beautiful Life” which was recorded entirely using GarageBand for iOS.

This is just a sample of the podcast. Please visit Spotify Podcasts or just head over to the Podcast Page on this site, SPKML.com/podcast

I’ve also been working on Season 2 of the SPKML Podcast, which is hosted this season at anchor.fm/spkml.cj. The Anchor.FM platform allows the host to create the podcast entirely on the iPhone through the Anchor App (download from Apple App Store).



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Christopher Johnson maintains his home on the internet with the 5 letter domain name and screen-name/alias, SPKML, which means many things but in this instance it stands for Some People Know My Links… other times it means Some People Know My Lyrics or even Somebody Please Keep Me Lucid…  

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https://spkml.bandcamp.com/music is where you can find ALL of the albums available by Christopher Johnson… Below are the current digital albums for sale at https://spkml.bandcamp.com

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"Recovered Treasures" by CJ

“Recovered Treasures” is now available to listen to and buy at SPKML.BandCamp.com which has just been launched. I will be moving my current releases from other streaming services to bandcamp.com and other social sites, as well as making my music available for sale through spkml.com… Stay tuned and Enjoy!

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The SPECTRUM Tape of 1997

This was a J-card for a cassette that was printed in 1997 and given to Kenneth Epperson for safe keeping. As he was charged, it was kept safe and made it’s way back to me 22 years later.

This tape’s contents may be released sooner than later.

Things to notice:

  • The acoustic guitar in the bottom picture is Stoney B and it’s got the painted SPEKTRUM Concept on the fretboard worn off… in places.
  • You will notice the name of the tape is SPECTRUM and not SPEKTRUM. [SPEKTRUM Creations was organized in 1997-1998 and the name was adjusted with the K, as the Germanic spelling would be…]
  • There is a guitar in the top left pane which shows me( CJ ) playing a guitar which was a pawn shop guitar that I bought the parts for and built. This guitar was Stoney II.
  • Stoney II has a couple distinguishing features.
    • There is a ‘Marlboro’ style sticker that had another M word, which Slash signed for me in 1995 during the Snakepit tour which stopped in KCMO.
    • The body of the guitar was and Explorer style and I cut the arm off of the bottom under the neck as you can see.
    • It was sanded roughly and painted with spray paint in and off-white and a gold on the top of the body.
    • The body was maple as well as the neck I’m sure.
    • The guitar was pawned in 1996.
  • The “Midnight Jam” picture is seen in the top right pane behind a poorly printed but relatively accurate version of the SPEKTRUM Concept.
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I need a 4track tape recorder!!!!

I am looking to obtain an audio cassette four track recorder to archive and remaster a footlocker full of tapes I recorded from the 90s.

email me or contact me on social media “Attn: I have a 4track tape recorder”… thank you I look forward to finding something that works well and that I can afford….

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fire on the mountain

A recording by Christopher Johnson of the Grateful Dead song “fire on the mountain”.

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The SPKML Podcast is ONLINE!

Today I launched a new podcast with the title, “SPKML” which can be found at https://spkml.com/podcast   (or just go to this site and use the ‘Podcast’ link in the menu).

This first episode is kind of long, celebrating 6 different versions of the first song I wrote back in 1992/1993, “The Night”.  



Hanging out in Colorado!

I get to play this guitar while in Colorado, which belongs to my uncle now…

[typedjs]I’m not sure what I will be doing over the first part of December other than writing and recording. It’s the content and the style that I’m not sure about yet.

I’d imagined I might try to tackle a certain type of album for this release. I seriously won’t know until I write the first phrases of the album before I know where it is going. Very thankful to be in Denver right now. L8r, cj[/typedjs]

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