Which one is Stoney? All of them… From Top to Bottom, Stoney V, Stoney K. Buckthorne and Stoney IV

Although omniscient presence of mind and being is a goal, I find a more practical use of my ‘time’ to hinge around playing with guitars named “Stoney”

Stoney Kingston Buckthorne was bequeethed unto me by Calvin, the owner of store called The Music Stand. I brought the Lotus L-80 model acoustic dreadnaught home and was given the name ‘Stoney’. I was in love with the very nice sounds that It had… It sang and especially with the brand new set of strings… That was 1992. So, 28 years later, I still play the acoustic guitar originally named, “Stoney”

In 1993, Don McLean signed my guitar, Stoney. To this day, although worn after 27 years, the signature remains…

Check back for more… There will be more about Stoney…. 4/11/2020 cj